Unknown Pleasures # 5 

I've never liked the notion of “guilty pleasures”, especially when applied to music. It implies a snobbery, not merely that one's taste is too refined to enjoy such base things but that one is superior to those who do. That it's usually used to talk about music that is very popular doesn't help matters either.


It was for these reasons that I named this series of posts “Unknown” rather than “Guilty” “Pleasures”, although some people might classify them as the latter. Of course, the former's association…

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Nexus [v.iv] 

I've revised the Nexus track listing to include tracks from my recently released album Left At The Luna Mansion:-


01. He Knows The Use Of Ashes (3:56)

02. 4581 Asclepius (2:29)

03. Calm Like Agent Insects (2:31)

04. Black Olives (4:02)

05. The Sound (3:13)

06. Fissure King (6:11)

07. The Puppet Has No Master (3:17)

08. God, Love, Money & Other Snares (4:47)

09. White Noiz (0:51)

10. 1995 [The Empire Never Ended] (1:42)

11. Waverer (1:24)

12. Scarecrow (6:49)

13. Signifying Mother (2:05)

14. 1969 &

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Left At The Luna Mansion album update 

My album Left At The Luna Mansion will be released on 31 October 2016. Here's the track listing:


01: Ra Hide Away (1.28)

02: A Pocketful Of Bullets (1.10)

03: Bass Strings (1.10)

04: White Noiz (0.51)

05: Buddha's Mistake (1.23)

06: Coelacanth (1.47)

07: Signifying Mother (2.05)

08: The Books I Haven't Read (1.35)

09: Klaxons (0.41)

10: The Ten Thousand Ontological Use Of The Word 'Fuck' (2.22)

11: Hometime (1.31)

12: You Cannot Wait While In The Air (1.53)

13: Bone Thing (1.13)

14: Rebis (1.18)

15: Ahh

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Unknown Pleasures # 4 

[I know I have a bit of a reputation - in terms of music taste - for loving dodgy goth shite, wayward industrial dins, self-hacking soundtracks, and guitar-based songs with vocals the depths of which you need a bathysphere to penetrate; this occasional series presents music I love very much despite what you may expect.]



Like most guys my age, I had something of a crush on Alanis Morisette when this album was released. She reminded me a lot of my taste in girlfriends. Long dark hair, cute and kooky…

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Open The Dog / Nexus 

After a brief delay, my album Open The Dog is now available to download; you can stream and / or download on the album's dedicated page on this site here. I've also updated the Nexus track listing to include a selection of tracks.


Currently reading: Big Sur - Jack Kerouac

Currently listening: Phaedra - Tangerine Dream

Currently playing: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Open The Dog album update 

Unfortunately my new album Open The Dog has been delayed due to the demise of my laptop hard drive. I hope to finalise it this coming weekend. In the meantime, here are two further preliminary mixes of tracks recently posted to my soundcloud page.


Currently reading: Blood Year: Islamic State & The Failures Of The War On Terror - David Kilcullen

Currently listening: The Leon Suites - David Bowie


A short text of mine named Last has been published in the September 2016 edition of Moonglasses Magazine. Go here to read it. I have already recorded a spoken-with-music version of this piece, which is scheduled to appear on my forthcoming All Things Left On Earth album.


Currently listening: Open The Dog - Darren Francis (over and over; finishing the mix)

Currently reading: The Lost Weekend - Charles Jackson

Open The Dog 

My next spoken word album, named Open The Dog, will be released on 21 September 2016. Here's the track listing:-


01: Glowworms (0.57)

02: Calm Like Agent Insects (2.31)

03: Cycler # 1 (1.07)

04: Closer (4.17)

05: 1969 & Nowhere (2.41)

06: Cycler # 2 (1.29)

07; I Left Her In Xibalba (2.15)

08: Cycler # 3 (1.04)

09: Three Days (1.51)

10: Tell The Bees (2.02)


All tracks were created in the first two weeks of September 2016 and comprise only voice and acoustic guitar. As such the album has a sparseness…

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Her Constellation 

The final track from my album Future Ghosts.



all matter is bones

of dead demons


every time has

already happened


all deed she do

is echo; aftershock


we are just

passing through




no breath of god

but us


we kiss against sidereal

couple in space of reason


which asterism

shape we?


what starllit stitch

through black grass?




i don't miss her

i miss myself


the once i was

she made me


slippery heat

of memory


electric din

of what we were


we feathered ghosts

how we moved



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Circulating EP 

My new EP Circulating is available to download on a free (or pay what you want if you're feeling generous!) basis. It contains three tracks; an edited version of the track Circulating from my album Uforia, a remix by Manmademan of the track Will I Dream, which originally appeared on God Thing, and Outerlude, an extended instrumental version of the various Interlude tracks from Uforia. Stream or download below.



Currently listening: Ego:X - Diary Of Dreams

Currently reading: Jihad Academy: The

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