Unknown Pleasures # 4

[I know I have a bit of a reputation - in terms of music taste - for loving dodgy goth shite, wayward industrial dins, self-hacking soundtracks, and guitar-based songs with vocals the depths of which you need a bathysphere to penetrate; this occasional series presents music I love very much despite what you may expect.]



Like most guys my age, I had something of a crush on Alanis Morisette when this album was released. She reminded me a lot of my taste in girlfriends. Long dark hair, cute and kooky, passionate about life but scatty to hell. I owned this album at one point. And – perhaps like said girlfriends – I adored parts of it but couldn't be doing with the rest. All I Really Want was my favourite track; I could happily fall in love with and shack up with the Alanis who sings that song. Unfortunately, the rest of the album is rather dreary – a couple of other tracks aside (for example, You Oughta Know, Hand In My Pocket) – and perhaps give an indication of how that relationship would turn out. As indeed, did many of mine.


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