Open The Dog

My next spoken word album, named Open The Dog, will be released on 21 September 2016. Here's the track listing:-


01: Glowworms (0.57)

02: Calm Like Agent Insects (2.31)

03: Cycler # 1 (1.07)

04: Closer (4.17)

05: 1969 & Nowhere (2.41)

06: Cycler # 2 (1.29)

07; I Left Her In Xibalba (2.15)

08: Cycler # 3 (1.04)

09: Three Days (1.51)

10: Tell The Bees (2.02)


All tracks were created in the first two weeks of September 2016 and comprise only voice and acoustic guitar. As such the album has a sparseness and brief fragility to it which reminds me of Nick Drake's Pink Moon. Track timings are approximate, and may change once I finalise the mix.


I'll post a more substantive update closer to the time of release. In the meantime here's a preview of one of the tracks, posted to my soundcloud page:-



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