My story Circulating is now available to read for free on my WattPad page here. Circulating seems to be one of my most popular stories, for some reason, though is quite different to a lot of my other writing. Perhaps there's a lesson for me in that. You can also hear me reading this story, set to music by my friends Manmademan, on my album Uforia  here


This post also sees the return of my Currently Reading / Currently Listening, which I know some of you found of interest. It's of interest to me, looking back, too. This week is a Swans-fest.


Currently reading: Michael Gira - The Egg

Currently listening: Swans - The Glowing Man

Disappear Here 

You can now read my story Disappear Here on my Wattpad page. This story was written in the mid-1990s and originally appeared in Spell, and seems to be one of my less known pieces; I'm not sure why, perhaps because I've never recorded a version of it. Click here  to read.

Red Room 

You can now read my short story Red Room, from my book Spell, at my Wattpad page here. You can as hear me reading it, set to music, on my Uforia album here.


I've just relaunched my novel Belong, with a new cover. Though the previous cover conveyed something of the essence of the book, I think the new one is much better. 


You can read a long excerpt here. You can also read the entire of part 1 on my Wattpad page. To download for Kindle, go here. A paperback version will be available shortly.

Not Ready For Rhyme Time 

My story Circulating appears on the latest edition of the literary podcast Not Ready For Rhyme Time. Click here to listen / download. My thanks to Taylor Woodland for including it.

Nexus Revised 

Following the release of my album All Things Left On Earth, I've revised the track listing of my album Nexus, as follows:-


He Knows The Use Of Ashes

4581 Asclepius

Calm Like Agent Insects

Black Olives

The Sound

Fissure King

Golgotha Blues

The Puppet Has No Master

God, Love, Money & Other Snares

1995 [The Empire Never Ended]


Signifying Mother

1969 & Nowhere

The Hills Are Alive

A Pattern As Complex As Us

I Left Her In Xibalba

Here To Here

The Ten Thousand Ontological Uses Of The Word 'Fuck'



Three Days

K & I [Panthalassa Shoreline]


Her Constellation


Black OlivesFissure KingGod, Love, Money & Other SnaresScarecrowThe Hills Are Alive, are taken from my album God Thing.


4581 AsclepiusThe Puppet Has No Master1995 [The Empire Never Ended]CygnusolarK & I [Panthalassa Shoreline]Her Constellation, are taken from my album Future Ghosts.


Here To Here is taken from my album Uforia.


Calm Like Agent Insects1969 & NowhereI Left Her In XibalbaThree Days, are taken from my album Open The Dog.


Signifying Mother, The Ten Thousand Ontological Uses Of The Word 'Fuck'HometimeSandman, are taken from my album Left At The Luna Mansion.


He Knows The Use Of AshesThe SoundGolgotha BluesA Pattern As Complex As Us, are taken from my album All Things Left On Earth.


Stream or free download below.


All Things Left On Earth 

My new spoken word with music album All Things Left On Earth is now available as a free/pay what you want download. Stream / download below.


Update February 2018 

My apologies for the lack of updates on my blog of late; I've been very busy with two novels. I've also been working again on the spoken word-with-music album All Things Left On Earth. I hope to have this album finished and released before too long. In the meantime, I've posted a couple of new tracks to my soundcloud  page. Below you can hear all the tracks I've posted so far (and in the order they appear on the album). This isn't the complete album; it'll be about fifteen tracks altogether.