Her Constellation

The final track from my album Future Ghosts.



all matter is bones

of dead demons


every time has

already happened


all deed she do

is echo; aftershock


we are just

passing through




no breath of god

but us


we kiss against sidereal

couple in space of reason


which asterism

shape we?


what starllit stitch

through black grass?




i don't miss her

i miss myself


the once i was

she made me


slippery heat

of memory


electric din

of what we were


we feathered ghosts

how we moved


what binary spin

gave we




set to side

turned to drift

in search of

her constellation


sheared night

torn breath

taut hands

blush skin


no further words

are wanted


This dates from early 2015 (except for the last two sections, which were written April 2014). Though I don't consider it a particularly difficult text to decipher, the reader is invited to note that the 'she' herein is not necessarily a universal she and to also note the varying use of 'she'/'her' and 'you' throughout the Future Ghosts text; in each case this is deliberate, referring to two separate people.


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