At The Speed Of Film 

Track 8 of Future Ghosts



london my lovesong

that ever sings itself


what are my needs?



sketch pad

wheat field

she curve


nothing else a fret for


plastic howl of

grave-bright stars

twin trees carve

their velveteen


gimme stub and soil

peroxide time

your chic

eighteen hole shriek


The music for this is taken from the unreleased Shamania-era Logos track[ / ] (yes, that was the title). It hasn't been released anywhere else in any form, though did appear on the Logos myspace player (and…

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dreamers with folded wings 

Track seven of Future Ghosts.



swept by

fingers sing

my should have been


her taut

her stray

her season


what wilds her

that's where

i want to be


bind moon

sine swift

feral light


where was she

when i was

for sale?




that page

that tinct

that nudge me to


where's what i know

wide between

nine and what i do




come into

my breath

my name


my no

my lieu

my lungs



grade my light

field my occult vision


The music here draws on the Shamania track Tesseract [deepblue2519

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The Movements Of All Things 

Track six from Future Ghosts



night is collected in your room

you breathe its rhythm


dead lots




of your lips


these memories

are no longer mine




you window-watch

out there;





so still


suburbia foxed

under streetlight

car beams

you blade-dig

for welcome blood




your skin tastes of tears

of could have been

of a life lived

in the passenger seat




when the cosmic joker

fucks with you

he never fails to do so

with style and a sense of irony





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God, Love, Money, & Other Snares 

My text God, Love, Money & Other Snares has been published at Bougainvillea Road Lit Mag. Read it here


You can also hear me reading this text, with music, here.



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1995 [The Empire Never Ended] 

Track 5 of Future Ghosts.



she is 1995

a ribbon

a chime

a dust-cut mirror


as star-tips mine

my glass

in berlin time


This was written 25 April 2014, and posted on my Twitter feed that day. Musically, the primary source is the Logos track Hyopgirl from Shamania, though the coda is adopted from the unreleased Logos track Deep Time. I have little desire to elaborate on or clarify either text or title, though part of the title at least will be familiar to readers of Philip K Dick, in…

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The Puppet Has No Master 

Track 4 of Future Ghosts



day to day

hour to hour

second second

all i do is circus




in my suffering

who is the sufferer?


it happens to me

it afflicts me


but i am stood aside;

i look on;


where am i

in that?




i want to phone my employer

say 'i can't come in today.

why? don't you realise

this world is a

surreal ontological joke?

a puppet show?'




i move so quickly

from one assumed persona

to the next

i forget

who i was

underneath it all




i play this role

of being real



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Wake Up Bad Guy 

The third of my track-by-track looks at Future Ghosts. I'll try to post these more frequently, if only to get them all done before my next album - currently in progress - is finished and released. 

 sometimes feel as if i passed out

drunk at century's turn; woke up

to be told through hungover glaze

by a laughing puppet that it's 2015


that sudden flick of a switch;

one moment 2000 light years from home

the next pressed against

the wall of a club


beer-sodden and cigarette-rolling

and the universe’s…

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4581 Asclepius 

The second of my track-by-track looks at Future Ghosts



another twilight

put through the human thresher





the peaked meat

of matter


how many remain?

how much longer?


night pushes open the door

leers and sharpens knives


we run from sight

across london fields


you're holding your own hand

not mine


i down beer

at the speed of starlight


sirens but there's ever sirens

epiphanies but there's ever epiphanies



Musically, this draws on the Logos tracks Anhedoniac and [#], which…

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The Side-Effects Of October 

While I finish off other projects (both textual and audio) I thought it would be interesting to post a track-by-track look at my last album, Future Ghosts. Here's the first, The Side-Effects Of October.



the alchemy of skin and broken glass

the soft satisfaction of rain on face


husk moon

stray stars


content in

their own debris


scars so deep

they touch the bone


turning leaves

rain-slick streets


wood smoke

the side effects of october


Followers of Logos may recognise the title of this track…

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Future Ghosts now available 

My spoken word-with-music album Future Ghosts is now available for download, and has its own dedicated page on this website here.




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