Nexus Revised

Following the release of my album All Things Left On Earth, I've revised the track listing of my album Nexus, as follows:-


He Knows The Use Of Ashes

4581 Asclepius

Calm Like Agent Insects

Black Olives

The Sound

Fissure King

Golgotha Blues

The Puppet Has No Master

God, Love, Money & Other Snares

1995 [The Empire Never Ended]


Signifying Mother

1969 & Nowhere

The Hills Are Alive

A Pattern As Complex As Us

I Left Her In Xibalba

Here To Here

The Ten Thousand Ontological Uses Of The Word 'Fuck'



Three Days

K & I [Panthalassa Shoreline]


Her Constellation


Black OlivesFissure KingGod, Love, Money & Other SnaresScarecrowThe Hills Are Alive, are taken from my album God Thing.


4581 AsclepiusThe Puppet Has No Master1995 [The Empire Never Ended]CygnusolarK & I [Panthalassa Shoreline]Her Constellation, are taken from my album Future Ghosts.


Here To Here is taken from my album Uforia.


Calm Like Agent Insects1969 & NowhereI Left Her In XibalbaThree Days, are taken from my album Open The Dog.


Signifying Mother, The Ten Thousand Ontological Uses Of The Word 'Fuck'HometimeSandman, are taken from my album Left At The Luna Mansion.


He Knows The Use Of AshesThe SoundGolgotha BluesA Pattern As Complex As Us, are taken from my album All Things Left On Earth.


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