DF's book Spell was published on 29th February 2008. Paperback, 170 pages, ISBN 978-0-9556840-0-5.


Go here to read some excerpts and buy a copy - physical or digital - of the book.


Spell features eight separate pieces by DF:


Despite Straight Lines: Self-harm for fun and profit.


Circulating: Two men. A crop field. Night. Join the dots.


Red Room: Where do you go, when the aliens are the better of your captors?


The Golden Boy That Flew To Never: I was born to epiphanise. Soared heaven blue and drank deep of life. Alcoholism was never meant to be an option.


Binary: My girlfriend is German, my parents extraterrestrial. Road-trip. Art Bell on the radio.


Disappear Here: Men don't get anorexia.


Citizen: Five cats. A knife. A job. A psychopathic father. Walls papered with dollar bills. A corpse on my floor.  I love life.


God Thing: There is no war on terror.


Some of these have been previously published in one form or another, some haven't.

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