The Side-Effects Of October

While I finish off other projects (both textual and audio) I thought it would be interesting to post a track-by-track look at my last album, Future Ghosts. Here's the first, The Side-Effects Of October.



the alchemy of skin and broken glass

the soft satisfaction of rain on face


husk moon

stray stars


content in

their own debris


scars so deep

they touch the bone


turning leaves

rain-slick streets


wood smoke

the side effects of october


Followers of Logos may recognise the title of this track, from an unreleased Logos track of the same name which I was working on back in late 2010. That track and its attendant album were never finished, and featured completely different music and text (incidentally much of the music from that unfinished album, Everything We Ever Were - another title I'll likely reuse at some point - was reworked into tracks for the Shamania album or for Future Ghosts).


The music for the Future Ghosts version of Side-Effects combines elements of the Logos tracks Anodyne and Bipolar Binary, both from the album Shamania. The text was written on 25 October (first six lines) and 29 October 2013 (remainder) on my Twitter feed, and I don't think it requires much clarification. Eliot was wrong; October is the cruellest month, not April. It has never been kind to me. Though I have many scars from my self-harming days, none 'touch the bone'; I've never cut this deep, though know others who have.


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