At The Speed Of Film

Track 8 of Future Ghosts



london my lovesong

that ever sings itself


what are my needs?



sketch pad

wheat field

she curve


nothing else a fret for


plastic howl of

grave-bright stars

twin trees carve

their velveteen


gimme stub and soil

peroxide time

your chic

eighteen hole shriek


The music for this is taken from the unreleased Shamania-era Logos track[ / ] (yes, that was the title). It hasn't been released anywhere else in any form, though did appear on the Logos myspace player (and possibly other online music players - I don't recall) for a while. 


The text was written on 23 February 2014, on a train from Waterloo to Guildford, after an evening spent with my friend and co-writer Simon Lewis, discussing our book Jack Palmer & The Unspeakable Thing. I was born in London, lived there until ten years ago. I still spend a lot of time in the place and have a great fondness for it, but am glad I no longer live there. The text had no particular inspiration, merely some thoughts after a good evening with a good friend and a few beers as my train slid through the night. 


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