Across The Margin

Four short texts by me - Bird #54, Ahh Bitte, West Ramona Spiders, and Sandman, have been published over at Across The Margin. Go here to read them. I love their description of my work; "UK poet and musician Darren Francis’ poems explode with thoughts interrupted, images colliding, experience rendered into microns, reflections and wily juxtapositions, all processed through a diction unwilling to sit still and explain itself." I'm also very fond of the image they've used to accompany my texts (and which I've borrowed; see to the right of this paragraph). My thanks to Across The Margin, and their poetry editor Richard Roundy, for featuring my work. 


West Ramona Spiders, Sandman, and Ahh Bitte, will all appear in spoken-with-music form on my forthcoming album Left At The Luna Mansion. As I've mentioned previously, Left At The Luna Mansion is already recorded and mixed and I'll be setting a release date in due course. Bird # 54 will likely appear, also in spoken-with-music form, on my oft-mentioned and still in flux album All Things Left On Earth, which will also likely release later this year.


Currently reading: The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict Between America and Al-Qaeda - Peter Bergen

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