Future Ghosts

In the last two weeks of May 2015, in the midst of a black depressive blur, I recorded a new spoken word album. Please note that this is not All Things Left On Earth but an entirely new project. Titled Future Ghosts, the track listing is as follows:-


01. The Side-Effects Of October

02. 4581 Asclepius

03. Wake Up Bad Guy

04. The Puppet Has No Master

05. 1995 (The Empire Never Ended)

06. The Movements Of All Mankind

07. Dreamers With Folded Wings

08. At The Speed Of Film

09. Her Is All

10. Cygnusolar

11. Black Stars Will Have Their Season

12. Where We Circle

13. K & I (Panthalassa Shoreline)

14. Her Constellation


The text was assembled from short pieces and fragments written over the last year or so, many of which had previously appeared in my Twitter feed. @darrenfrancis93. I frequently post short texts in progress on Twitter, so if you don't follow me there be sure to do so.


As I was recording the voice I had a specific soundscape in mind to accompany it. After sketching a few tracks, I realised I'd already recorded several hours' worth of the kind of music I had in mind in the Logos album Shamania. Shamania, for me at least, also explores a lot of the same territory and themes as the Future Ghosts text. The Future Ghosts soundtrack, therefore, draws very heavily on the Shamania sessions, including finished tracks, out-takes, and incomplete demos. This isn't simply a case of me reading over Logos tracks; everything has been restructured, reworked, and recombined. If you know Shamania, you'll hear some familiar things used in different ways. You'll also hear a lot that's new.


Future Ghosts is released on 21 June. Between now and then I'll be previewing tracks on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, so be sure to follow me on one or both to hear them. 

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