dreamers with folded wings

Track seven of Future Ghosts.



swept by

fingers sing

my should have been


her taut

her stray

her season


what wilds her

that's where

i want to be


bind moon

sine swift

feral light


where was she

when i was

for sale?




that page

that tinct

that nudge me to


where's what i know

wide between

nine and what i do




come into

my breath

my name


my no

my lieu

my lungs



grade my light

field my occult vision


The music here draws on the Shamania track Tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise] and the Shamania out-take Sunday To Tuesday [No One Calls]. This latter track is otherwise unreleased in any form. As with the rest of Future Ghosts, all three sections of this text first appeared on my Twitter feed on the days they were written. I frequently post new texts and ideas on Twitter, which is a good incentive for you to follow me if you wish. 


There's little I'd add by way of comment on the text, other than that it was largely inspired and influenced by Swans' 2014 album To Be Kind, in particular the track She Loves Us! It wasn't until later that I noticed I'd accidentally part-borrowed the latter's line 'come to my lungs'.


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