Nexus update

My album Nexus, outlined in my previous post, is ready to go. Exercises like this, in taking tracks from different releases and sequencing them together, are seldom as straightforward as one might assume. One thing I realised in particular was how much louder the God Thing mix was compared to Future Ghosts. I've learned a lot about music-making, and mixing in particular, since I created God Thing back in 2009/2010, and have taken the opportunity not only to adjust the God Thing tracks so that they sit better next to Future Ghosts, but also to give the whole God Thing album a mix tweak. Nothing in the tracks themselves has been changed, but the whole mix sounds a lot smoother now to my ears at least, less jarring, less elements competing with each other for volume. I think it sounds a lot better. I've replaced the version of the album on my bandcamp page with the new one. If you've previously downloaded God Thing, you may want to download it again (or, or course, you may like it fine just the way it is; up to you).


Nexus will be available to download on 21 March. I'll post another update once it's out there.


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