Nexus / Nexus

On 21 March I'll be releasing two albums, one spoken word and one by Logos. Just to thoroughly confuse matters, both will be named Nexus, and both will be compilations; in Logos' case collecting tracks from all previous albums, and in the Darren Francis case, collecting tracks from God Thing and Future Ghosts, along with two prevously unreleased pieces. Both will be free to download.


These albums have the same name as they have the same purpose. They are intended as an introduction to my work for the uninitiated. They will also be ever-evolving; as and when I release future albums, I'll periodically update the Nexus track content. Here are the current track listings:


Darren Francis - Nexus

01: He Knows The Use Of Ashes

02: The Sound

03: 4581 Asclepius

04: Black Olives

05: Fissure King

06: The Puppet Has No Master

07: God, Love, Money, & Other Snares

08: 1995 [The Empire Never Ended]

09: Will I Dream

10: The Movements Of All Mankind

11: Scarecrow

12: Cygnusolar

13: Black Stars Will Have Their Season

14: K & I [Panthalassa Shoreline]

15: The Hills Are Alive

16: Her Constellation


4581 Asclepius, The Puppet Has No Master, 1995 [The Empire Never Ended], The Movements Of All Mankind, Cygnusolar, Black Stars Will Have Their Season, K & I[Panthalassa Shoreline], Her Constellation, are taken from the album Future Ghosts.


Black Olives, Fissure King, God, Love, Money & Other Snares, Will I Dream, Scarecrow, The Hills Are Alive, are taken from the album God Thing.


He Knows The Use Of Ashes, The Sound, are both previously unreleased, and taken from my in-progress album All Things Left On Earth, which I anticipate will be finished later this year. Early versions of both appeared on my soundcloud page a while back, though I've tidied up the mixes since for their inclusion on Nexus.


Here's the Logos track listing:


Logos - Nexus

01: Everybody Gets Elves

02: Santa Susana Blues

03: Shamania [Solstice Prologue]

04: To Please The Moon

05: Hungry Knife

06: Hypogirl

07: Do You Love?

08: Gehenna Now [2015]

09: Hollow Hills Of London


This was a very difficult listing to compile, since some of my favourite Logos tracks are rather long and I had set a fixed running time for the album (80 minutes, enough to burn to a single CD). Hopefully it will encourage listeners to delve further into Logos' back catalogue; there's about eight hours of music there in all.


I'll post an update once both albums are available. As mentioned above, both are intended as 'samplers' of my work and will be free to download.


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