Memories Of Tomorrow

I have a number of projects ongoing right now; some of these will release in the coming months, some will likely take longer.



Left At The Luna Mansion

Spoken word with music album. All texts written 2006-2008. I'll be making a separate and more substantive post regarding this album very shortly. In the meantime, here are some sample tracks:-







All Things Left On Earth

Spoken word with music album. I’ve mentioned this one in previous blog entries; its content has changed somewhat since then, with some tracks now appearing on Left At The Luna Mansion. All Things Left On Earth will instead focus on most recent writing, 2009-2015. Here are some sample tracks:-






Novel. I've mentioned this book a couple of times before on this site. Various sections have been previously published; see this page for details. This year will finally see the release of the full length text.




Novel. As above, a number of extracts from this book have been previously published; again, details here.



Untitled new novel

Written 2013-2015. Currently at second draft stage. It’ll be finished when it’s finished.



Hate Ashbury

Spoken word with music album. As some of you will know, this was intended as the follow-up to God Thing, but those recording sessions – way back in 2010! - mutated in a very different direction and became the first Logos album, Gehenna Now. Ever since, I’ve intended to return to it and finish it for release. I'll post some sample tracks nearer to the time, as and when I've finished mixing them. 



What We Were

A collection of shorter writing, 2004-2015, including the full texts of all my spoken word albums. The title is provisional.



At The Core Of Each Star

New Logos album, currently in progress. Some sample tracks:-





Untitled Logos album

A collection of unreleased tracks, 2010-2014. We’re still sifting through and deciding which to include. There are several hours’ worth to choose from. That said, we’ve already got a pretty good idea of what the final track listing will be. Here's one of them:-




We’ll also likely do a Logos compilation for free download, featuring selected tracks from all our albums so far. Santa Susana Blues (and the subsequent mix album Everything Under The Sky) seemed to mark the end of one stage of Logos; At The Core Of Each Star definitely takes us in a different direction and it seems apt to collect a “favourite tracks” album at this point. I’ll also do a compilation of favoured spoken word with music tracks, intended as a sampler / introduction to my work for those uninitiated.


It is of course also very possible that other projects may sneak in under the wire; Future Ghosts, for example, released in July 2015 but even I didn’t know about it until May 2015. Keep an eye on this blog and my Facebook and Twitter feeds for further information and updates.


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