Latest Logos Updates

A bunch of new Logos updates.


I did an interview about Logos for the Real Sounds OK blog - read it here or on the Logos blog here.


Yeah I Know It Sucks gave the album an exceedingly strange (but positive) review - read that here or on the Logos blog here. I think my favourite line is the one describing a particular track as "like listening on a loop to a miniature witch on a broomstick talking in cat language to a black cat."


Logos also have a new album in the works, for release very shortly - a collection of radically different remixes of tracks from all four of our albums, titled Everything Under The Sky. Read about that on the Logos blog here


Finally, Logos are also working on new music. Read about that here on the Logos blog and listen to latest of our tracks (created in this last week) below. 



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