Unknown Pleasures # 2

[I know I have something of a reputation - in terms of music taste - for favouring dodgy goth nonsense, wayward industrial dins, self-hacking soundtracks, and guitar-based songs with vocals the depths of which you need a bathysphere to penetrate; this occasional series of blog posts presents other music I love very much despite all expectations].


You can blame my ex-wife for this one. She'd been a fan of the album as a teenager (she was somewhat younger than me), had downloaded it and would often play it in the car. One of several such albums, but this was the one that stuck with me.



Though I've chosen the last track, Pass Me By - which is probably the best on the album, and somewhat more sophisticated than one might assume from the band's reputation - there were other contenders. I could never fail to be amused at the thought of our driving around Wiltshire's summer fields looking at crop circles, some of which I'd made, with What Is A Juggalo? blaring out through wound-down windows.


Speaking of which, I was very disappointed to be told that I'd misheard the lyric 'He drinks like a fish and then starts hugging people like a drunk fish' was, in fact, 'then starts hugging people like a drunk bitch.' I prefer my version; surreal and distinctive. Rather like when I first heard Wu Tang Clan's Gravel Pit (which was another strong Unknown Pleasures contender), drunk afterhours in a New Cross bar, and found 'Check out my gravity, all history unraveling' a most interesting and unexpected lyric....




I own no other ICP albums. I have no desire to hear anything else they've done.


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