I've uploaded a new track to my soundcloud, named Hometime. Though the recording is new (the music, at least; the voice was recorded - along with a bunch of other recordings I'll be posting with music in the future - a few years back), the text was written in 2008, and is about being very drunk in afterhours London.


Aptly perhaps, I have no recollection of writing this. It was one of several pieces I uploaded to my then blog on myspace on the night of 28th March 2008. I was absurdly drunk then, too, and know I wrote it that evening because it was there the next day and didn't exist the day before. The text hasn't changed at all since. I'm very glad I don't drink like that any more.

This is one of a number of miscellaneous recordings, some of which I've not made public yet, which I'm collecting together for a new spoken word album. It'll be ready once I've got enough tracks. Tentative working title is All Things Left On Earth. I was considering doing a spoken-with-music Spell a few years back, and you may have heard the version of Binary I did. There are also unreleased versions of Circulating and Red Room from this period. I'll reshape these tracks, too (Circulating and Red Room didn't get much further than demo form) and some of them may make their way to the new album.

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