Unknown Pleasures # 1

[Note: This is a re-post from November 2012 of an entry from the previous incarnation of my website; I'm posting it again here as I intend to continue the series in future].


I know I have a bit of a reputation - in terms of music taste - for loving dodgy goth shite, wayward industrial dins, self-hacking soundtracks, and guitar-based songs with vocals the depths of which you need a bathysphere to penetrate, so herewith the first in an occasional series presenting music I love very much despite what you may expect.


This song, in its many incarnations (I have numerous covers) was - along with Patti Smith's track Spell - the inspiration for the title of my first book. There's a story, perhaps apocryphal, that this was intended to be a gentle ballad until the studio session descended into hard drinking. I can relate to that. Logos was orignally a power funk trio until somebody spiked our pina coladas. "Hang on", you say, "trio? The Logos bios list only two members." Let's just say that my garden has been remarkably fecund this last two years. Out, damn'd spot!