Darren Francis writes and makes music.


He is the author of Skin, Belong, Alice Dee, Cutting, and She Waits By The Water, and the spoken-word-with-music albums God Thing, Future Ghosts, Uforia, Open The Dog, Left At The Luna Mansion, All Things Left On Earth, and Becoming Akhenaten.


He was a member of the industrial band Cubanate in the mid-1990s, and has recorded six albums with the band Logos - Gehenna Now, Ascending A Line In The Sky To Sothis, Shamania,Santa Susana Blues, Everything Under The Sky, and Chasing A Thread That Has No End.


He is currently working on another book, and another album.




"UK poet and musician Darren Francis’ poems explode with thoughts interrupted, images colliding, experience rendered into microns, reflections and wily juxtapositions, all processed through a diction unwilling to sit still and explain itself." - Across The Margin


"Tight visual prose" - Vox magazine


"Francis does this very well - putting one on edge. He doesn't pull any punches and, in fact, pushes you further than you thought you could be pushed... and all the while it's oddly comforting. [His] writing style is endearing in its honesty. In its use of the little things we do to magnify the big things we pretend we don't. He uses hard-hitting realism and strings of details then all of a sudden hits you with a brilliant abstract connection to tease it all out. Makes you uncomfortable the way he does this. But you like it. You read on." - Gail Gray, Fissure Magazine 


"Fascinating, vaguely repulsive [writing]..." - On magazine