Nexus update

My album Nexus, outlined in my previous post, is ready to go. Exercises like this, in taking tracks from different releases and sequencing them together, are seldom as straightforward as one might assume. One thing I realised in particular…

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Nexus / Nexus

On 21 March I'll be releasing two albums, one spoken word and one by Logos. Just to thoroughly confuse matters, both will be named Nexus, and both will be compilations; in Logos' case collecting tracks from all…

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A Soundcloud Annoyance

Just a quick note to say that I've noticed some of my soundcloud track widgets on this blog don't load properly. My apologies; I'll look into it anon, and if necessary redo the HTML or reload the tracks or use…

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"Of course we don't pay you; you pay us."

I've been submitting more of my work to literary journals, and have noticed a rather depressing trend creeping in; some journals charging a fee for submissions. So not only are writers scarce-compensated for their work, they are now expected to…

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Track 10 of Future Ghosts, and probably my favourite on the album.



epiphany come

epiphany go

i slap them

against the window


see which crack first

glass or dream

see how solid

each render reckons itself




by avebury…

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Her Is All

Returning to my track-by-track of Future Ghosts; Her Is All.



her mass

her spin

her point

her pull

her burn

her fuse

her spike

her light

her arc

her surge

her tide

her turn

is all


her blood

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Chasing A Thread That Has No End

The first of the new projects mentioned in my January post Memories Of Tomorrow is now available. The Logos album Chasing A Thread That Has No End collects tracks that were created during the sessions for our previous albums but…

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Left At The Luna Mansion

As mentioned in my last post, my next spoken word album will be Left At The Luna Mansion. Here's the current track listing though this will likely change, at least in sequence.


Ra Hide Away

A Pocketful Of Bullets

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Memories Of Tomorrow

I have a number of projects ongoing right now; some of these will release in the coming months, some will likely take longer.



Left At The Luna Mansion

Spoken word with music album. All texts written 2006-2008. I'll be making…

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