Unlikely Stories

Three short texts of mine have been published over at Unlikely Stories. Read them here. They are: Buddha's Mistake, Alec Station, and The Mystery Trend.

Buddha's Mistake is taken from my forthcoming album Left At The


Black Stars Will Have Their Season

Back to my track-by-track look at Future Ghosts; I'm determined to finish this now I started it, three more to go after this...



mind on fire

a lattice of light

a seething blank


not that

not this

not then

Lunar Tunes

My band Logos have a track on the forthcoming album Lunar Tunes, which is a split artist ambient/dark ambient release in homage to the moon, which also features music by Uncertain, The Plague Doctors, and Elves


Nexus [v.ii]

I've updated the track listing of my free 'sampler' album Nexus to include a couple of tracks from my recently released album Uforia. Uforia also now has its own dedicated page on this site.



In behind-the-scenes news, the…


Exit Earth Now!

Exit earth! My spoken word-with-music album Uforia is out now. Alien abduction mythologies, ufos, crop circles, trance beats, industrial drone, ambient tone; what more do you need? Free (or donation if you're feeling generous!) download.



Currently reading: Songs Of Innocence


Here To Here

Uforia will be ready for release in the next few days. In the meantime, I've posted another of its tracks to soundcloud:



Currently reading: Hunting Season: The Execution of James Foley, Islamic State, and the Real Story of the

Across The Margin

Four short texts by me - Bird #54, Ahh Bitte, West Ramona Spiders, and Sandman, have been published over at Across The Margin. Go here to read them. I love their description of my work…


I said in my last post that, in lieu of the release of Left At The Luna Mansion, I'd be putting out another spoken with-music album in its place (and not one that was mentioned in my Memories of


Left At The Luna Mansion update

I hadn't mentioned it before as I didn't want it to get in the way of my various Nexus posts, but I finished a provisional mix of Left At The Luna Mansion in mid-March. I had planned to put this…


Logos Nexus

A slightly belated entry; the Logos compilation album Nexus was released on 21 March 2016, and is available as a free download.




The track listing has changed a little since my 13 March post; rather than the scattered selection we'd…



My album Nexus is now available for streaming / download; please see below. I'll be adding a separate page to this site regarding Nexus shortly; in the meantime, you can find full details in my March 13 blog post.