I said in my last post that, in lieu of the release of Left At The Luna Mansion, I'd be putting out another spoken with-music album in its place (and not one that was mentioned in my Memories of Tomorrow January blog post, in which I outlined my up and coming projects; though I did say there that other things would likely sneak in unnanounced and under the wire).


The new album is named Uforia. Here's the track listing:


01: Uforia

02: Binary

03: Ancient Sands [interlude # 1]

04: Circulating

05: Aeon This [interlude # 2]

06: Red Room

07: Exit Earth [interlude # 3]

08: Here To Here


Voice / text on all tracks: Darren Francis

Music: Darren Francis, except: Binary, music by Logos; Circulating, music by Manmademan.


I've mentioned previously on this blog that, at the time I was recording the God Thing album, I toyed with the idea of doing a spoken-with-music version of Spell. I completed Binary, and demo sketches of Red Room and Circulating, but that's as far as it got. Uforia is kinda that album, but not really. Round about when I wrote Circulating, I was working on a book exploring contemporary and historical mythologies of contact with and intervention by non-human intelligences and entities. That book would have been titled Uforia, and consist of separate but interlinked texts, each a self-contained story in itself but all interconnected in terms of characters, overlappying narratives, and themes. I sketched out a dozen or so chapters, and finished a few, but ultimately abandoned it. Why? In large part because many of the texts were too similar, not distinct enough to stand out on their own merits. Red Room, Binary, and Circulating were all intended for this book, as were the text fragments which appear on the Uforia album as interludes. Will I ever pick this book up again and write the rest of it? I don't plan to, but you never can tell. In the meantime, the Uforia album serves as an adequate enough snapshot.


I'll put up another post shortly, once the album is available for download. In the meantime, here's a sample track:



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