Nexus [v.ii]

I've updated the track listing of my free 'sampler' album Nexus to include a couple of tracks from my recently released album Uforia. Uforia also now has its own dedicated page on this site.



In behind-the-scenes news, the spoken-with-music album Left At The Luna Mansion is now completely finished and I'll be setting a release date anon, to be announced in a future blog post. Work progresses on All Things Left On Earth; I've recorded all the vocal tracks and am currently setting them to music. Musically this album is similar to Left At The Luna Mansion but more complex and layered. I'm also some way through writing the text for a completely new album, and have been finalising the text of my novel Belong. Once a couple of these projects are out of the way I'll be returning to the next Logos album, At The Core Of Each Star, the fifth 'Logos album proper' discounting the remix and compilation albums Everything Under The Sky and Chasing A Thread That Has No End. Please ensure you keep an eye on this blog, or join my email list, for further updates.


Currently reading: The Zone Of Interest - Martin Amis

Currently listening: Blowback - Tricky

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