Left At The Luna Mansion

As mentioned in my last post, my next spoken word album will be Left At The Luna Mansion. Here's the current track listing though this will likely change, at least in sequence.


Ra Hide Away

A Pocketful Of Bullets

Bass Strings

White Noiz


Buddha's Mistake

The Books I Haven't Read


Signifying Mother

The Ten Thousand Ontological Uses Of The Word "Fuck"


Save Before You Quit

You Cannot Wait While In The Air

Hard Target

Bone Thing


West Ramona Spiders

Here To Here


Heavy Peace


Yes that is 20 tracks, though most are very short. None span more than two and a half minutes, and some are half that or less. All texts were written between 2005 and 2008. At the time I was living in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire with my now ex-wife, drinking what I might charitably describe as "heroic" amounts of booze and wrestling with all manner of matters ontological and eschatological. I believe the term is 'functioning alcoholic'. Alcohol is definitely a theme here; alchohol, and quiet desperation in middle-age middle England. 


Voice is already recorded, and I'm currently creating the backing. Musically this album is simpler and sparser than my previous ones and I'm even toying with the idea of some tracks featuring only voice. My Memories Of Tomorrow blog post included four pieces already finished; I'll post some more anon.

Why the title? Aforementioned ex-wife made a custom mix CD which we'd frequently listen to during the period these texts were written, and which she named Left At The Luna Mansion. I've wanted to use it for an album for a long time. Much as I liked it, though, I never did ask her why or what it meant to her.


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