K & I [Panthalassa Shoreline]

Track 13 of Future Ghosts.



ma matter

give me moonmilk


hollow hill

faer melody


are no gods left

to hear me?


is pick and pit

all mere remain?


is upturned grove

all wait you?




hack pen

bled sound


strip moon

curves weight


drips word

drops field


grass rent

bass tripped


your slight

spent breath



dead stars




there is only

rap tap rap


racket of



knocking on

your inoculated ear


This was written 9 August 2014 (part 2) and September 2014 (parts 1 and 3) and I don't consider it a particularly difficult text to decipher. Part 2 was written while with my friend Keith Donovan - the 'K' of the title - at the tail-end of a heady weekend in Wilts. The line 'hack pen' alludes to Hackpen Hill, one of my favourite parts of that county.


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