Her Is All

Returning to my track-by-track of Future Ghosts; Her Is All.



her mass

her spin

her point

her pull

her burn

her fuse

her spike

her light

her arc

her surge

her tide

her turn

is all


her blood

her salt

her cell

her bone

her wave

her word

her grain

her set

her swoon

her breath

her rain

her thorn

is all


her glass

her rust

her dust

her chrome

her tower


her smoke

her steel

her gloss

her click

her now

her tight

is all


her ghost

her drift

her fossil


her faery


her grievous


her meat

her fold

her dear


is all


This text dates from March 2014, and largely explains itself. Several lines from the last section borrow from the art of Heather Baker / intextremis - http://inextremiss.deviantart.com/. I've been a fan of her work for a while and its often been a source of inspiration.


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