Black Stars Will Have Their Season

Back to my track-by-track look at Future Ghosts; I'm determined to finish this now I started it, three more to go after this...



mind on fire

a lattice of light

a seething blank


not that

not this

not then


i point to point

to teeming



no mine

no lock

no reason


seed nihil nil

in mire of

even black stars have their season


The text was written Summer 2014, in the midst of one of my mental breakdowns (breaksdown?) and - with that in mind - doesn't require much explanation, in my view. The 'music' contains elements of two Logos tracks, Hypoboy from Shamania, and Fire Of The Mind. Fire Of The Mind remains unreleased, though was re-used in part on the Logos track The Looming Tower, which appears on our album Chasing A Thread That Has No End.


Currently reading: Why We Lost - Daniel P Bolger (still; it's a very thick book...)

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