Everything Under The Sky

The Logos remix album Everything Under The Sky is finally available. Go here to stream or download, on a 'free or pay what you want' basis.



The album features radically different mixes of tracks from the previous four Logos albums, together with versions of two tracks not released before. Herewith the track listing:


01. Everybody Gets Elves [Principia Disruptia] (8.39)

02. Hollow Hills Of London [Fisted Generation] (4.12)

03. Santa Susana Blues [Prototype] (6.12)

04. Shamania [Solstice Prologue] (7.28)

05. Crepuscular [Version] (2.47)

06. Bipolar Binary [Disruptia] (7.59)

07. Do You Love? [Minimal] (0.26)

08. Gehenna Now [2014] (6.01)

09. Manunkind [Slither] (2.24)

10. Ascension [3AM Centre Of Everywhere] (18.08)


Everybody Gete Elves, Hollow Hills Of LondonShamaniaBipolar BinaryAscension, remixed by Jason Oliver


Santa Susana BluesCrepuscularDo You Love?Gehenna NowManunkind, remixed by Darren Francis.


Original versions of Everybody Gets ElvesHollow Hills Of LondonGehenna Now, appear on the album Gehenna Now.


Original versions of Do You Love?Ascension, appear on the album Ascending A Line In The Sky To Sothis.


Originals of ShamaniaBipolar Binary, appear on the album Shamania.


original of santa susana blues appears on our album santa susana blues.


Originals of CrepuscularManunkind, previously unreleased.