I've uploaded a new track to my soundcloud, named Hometime. Though the recording is new (the music, at least; the voice was recorded - along with a bunch of other recordings I'll be posting with music in the…


Logos Remixes

My good friend  Jason Oliver has remixed two further Logos tracks, this time Shamania and Bipolar Binary from the third Logos album Shamania. I'm very pleased with both mixes; they compliment the originals while taking them in a very…

He Knows The Use Of Ashes

Yesterday I finished a very rough (45,000 words) first draft of a new novel. Now for the hard part, wrestling with all those words and putting it into shape.


The novel - currently untitled - grew out of a jumble…

New Drawings

I've added a whole bunch of new drawings to my deviantart page. See them here. Here's one, Source XVI, a biro sketch from September 2013. At some point I'll update the gallery on this site, too.


Unknown Pleasures # 1

[Note: This is a re-post from November 2012 of an entry from the previous incarnation of my website; I'm posting it again here as I intend to continue the series in future].


I know I have a bit…


Everybody Gets Elves

My good friend Jason Oliver has done an excellent remix of my Logos track Everybody Gets Elves, from the 2010 album Gehenna Now. Listen below; to find out more about Logos, go direct to their website

The Sound

New poem; I wrote the first draft of this in Pewsey, Wiltshire, in late July, and reshaped and finished it this evening. I expect I'll do a with-music audio version at some point.

Jack Palmer & The Unspeakable Thing

Jack Palmer And The Unspeakable Thing, a pulp teen horror book I co-wrote with my friend Simon Lewis, is now available to download for Kindle.


Set in contemporary London, it's a horror adventure story featuring magic, madness…

Others XIII

Somebody told me today that my drawings reminded them of Massive Attack, so I listened to Mezzanine while sitting in the sun sketching this evening. I can't see the link, but appreciated the chance to reacquaint myself with an…

Exhibition Of My Photos & Drawings

Those of you in the UK can see an exhibition of my photos and drawings at The Keystone in Guildford (3 Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4BL), starting today and running for the next four weeks. For a while The…